1. Return policy

  • VNPT does not apply the refund policy in case customers have paid and been granted the right to use the service. In the event that we do not continue to provide the services that the customer has paid for, all charges will be refunded.

2. Product warranty/upgrade policy

Article 1: Warranty conditions
  • VNPT provides free warranty for cases of VNPT eKYC's fault

Article 2: Warranty period
  • During the time customers use VNPT eKYC solution

Article 3: Disclaimer of warranty
    VNPT reserves the right to refuse warranty in the following cases:
  • The errors are not caused by VNPT eKYC solution
  • Error of other programs, system software, operating system software, network software

Article 4: Scope of warranty
  • Free repair of errors arising from VNPT, technical support, error correction
  • In addition, as soon as there are new features, product upgrades, technology updates, or new government policies, VNPT will notify customers to update without affecting user operations.

3. Obligations of the seller and the buyer

Obligations of the seller:
  • Advise and guide all specific information related to products / services so that Buyers can understand and use them.
  • Provide products / services to the Buyer on time and the quantity agreed upon after the Buyer has paid the Seller in full.
  • Solve questions and difficulties in the process of using products / services.
  • Provide documents and papers related to the Buyer's payment to the Seller such as invoices, vouchers, receipts with the total amount that the Buyer has placed in the requested month.

Obligations of the buyer:
  • Comply with the regulations and processes related to the service specified by the Seller.
  • Pay the full amount to the Seller according to the order together with the prescribed invoices and documents (if any).
  • Support and provide complete information to Seller regarding transactions upon request by Seller.
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