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ISO 30107-3 (PAD) international standards
assessed by iBeta (FIDO Alliance)

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reaches the top 10 global ranking
VNPT’s facial recognition technology
According to the assessment by the U.S National Institute of Standard and Technology-NIST
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VNPT achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 International Certification
on Information Security Management System to ensure information security for customers
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Electronic know your customer

A high-precision electronic identity verification solution, aimed at digitizing customer experiences, boosting conversation rates, and reducing risks for businesses

We have gained the trust of more than 100+ top-tier partners

Value Brought

Enhancing Customer Experience

Customers easily conduct online transaction quickly without the need to visit a physical counter

Reducing procedure time

Just 1 to 2 minutes for identity verification instead of the previous 10 to 15 minutes per transaction

Saving operational costs

The business’s customer base is continuously expanding, enhancing the efficiency of resource allocation and teller support time

Safe and Transparent

Customer transactions
are securely protected to prevent information leaks and minimize
cases of impersonation

Brings the most optimal solution

VNPT eKYC is proud to be a Make in Vietnam product with AI quality reaching the international level.
The product is designed flexibly to suit the diverse needs of customers

Ensuring the quality of AI technology meets international standards

Our facial recognition, authentication and search technology is suitable for a variety of faces, ages and genders, providing outstanding accuracy for photo categories used in eKYC today. These technologies have been verified by the world's leading reputable organizations


Meets international standards ISO 30107-3 (PAD) evaluated by iBeta (FIDO Alliance)

Achieved top 10 in the world category KIOSK-FRVT 1:1, 1:N (Photo category used in eKYC authentication)

Provides 02 versions
for you to choose

The experience-optimized version helps you convert more customers thanks to the quick authentication process

The experience-optimized version

This is the result of a great combination of AI and UX, verifying images with just a single photo. Anyone can operate it easily and quickly.

The security-enhanced version

Face authentication is safer and more secure with 3D Scan technology of moving faces into near and far frames, minimizing authentication risks.

Prevent the increasing case of document fraud

Our AI is intensively trained over 5 years of practical implementation for customers. VNPT AI has built more than 50 different AI rules to check the validity of documents such as lost corners, edited, blurred, expired documents... And especially the AI ​​Model is the most optimized with current identification documents in Vietnam

Authenticating the chip-based citizen’s identity card with RAR-C06

Authenticating 100% accurate chip-based citizen's identity card by RAR-C06 database of the Ministry of Public Security. Find out now about VNPT eKYC IDCheck

Your data is processed for its intended purpose and is always securely protected. Do not buy, sell or exchange illegally or transport abroad in any form

Key features

VNPT eKYC is developed based on advanced technologies in the world

Recognition and information extraction

Recognition and extraction(OCR) cover most valid personal documents according to the law

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Reading information from chip-based citizen’s identity card by NFC technology

Reading the new chip-based citizen’s identity card through proximity technology

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Detecting non-compliant documents

Recognition and extraction(OCR) cover most valid personal documents according to the law

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Facial authentication of document owner

Instantly detects instances of facial impersonation for timely alerts.

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Facial and voice authentication through video

Identifies intentional facial impersonation cases, especially involving fake faces.

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Cross-checks and cross-verifies data

Establishing an identity database that enables business to cross-check and cross-verify data, maximizing....

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Authenticating the chip-based citizen’s identity card with RAR-C06

Detecting 100% of cases of forgery of chip-based citizen’s identity card information because...

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Integrated security with 3-tier protection against leaks and information theft

Integrated versions are built upon an advanced three-tier security model, minimizing...

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Providing error monitoring tools, reacting promptly to incident

Equipping integrated units with robust tools to analyze and monitor errors within the selected time frame...

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Experienced AI Specialists

Why choose us?

VNPT is a leading ICT service provider in Vietnam with an extensive network and infrastructure. We are a business offering top-tier digital solutions on AI technology, of global quality, meeting the digital transformation needs of both the Government and enterprises


VNPT eKYC solution proudly achieves numerous recognized awards

National Institute of standards and Technology - NIST

VNPT ranks in the Top 10 globally for facial recognition technology, according to the assessment
by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Technology Award

Gold award in the category of Digital Banking Solution

Security Global
Excellence Awards

Gold award in the category of AI application in security

Asia Communication

Most Innovative Telecommunications Award in Asia

Make In Vietnam

Third Prize in the Outstanding Digital Product Category

Sao Khue Awards

The Sao Khue awards 2019

Stevie Awards

2020 Stevie Award Bronze Winner

Golden Key Award

Secure Digital Transformation IT Solution of the year 2020

Vietnamese talent award

Vietnamese talent award third prize 2019


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