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fraud check

01Fraud Check

Solving problems regarding account registration with fake IDs

Applying hyperspeed face searching technology, the system automatically detects faces that already existed in the database

02 Document authentication

Verifying and OCR most valid identification papers under Vietnamese law

The system has recognized the following documents:
tick Identity card, Citizen id card with a chip
tick Passport (Vietnamese, or foreign passport)
tick Military identity card
tick Driver's license (old, new)
tick Electronic passport, chip passport

03Portrait authentication

Immediately detecting fake portraits and giving instant warning

tick Only confirm customers selfie photos in real time.
tick Authenticate a person's signs of life and reject fake faces (printed photos, photos displayed on electronic devices, 2D. 3D masks and non-human faces).
tick Detect faces that fail to meet minimum requirements, obscured faces or faces with closed eyes.

04Detecting invalid papers

Ensure to detect most of the cases in which papers are not eligible for information registrarion

tick Detect papers that are smudged, damages, cropped, erased, etc.
tick Detect expired papers or papers whose ID photos have been overwritten
tick Detecting fake papers (in case the input photos are photo IDs, scanned, etc.)
tick Check the ID number, detect that the ID numbers have been corrected by wrong rules
face detection

05Near-Field communications

Read chip card of citizen with a chip through NFC proximity technology

06Video reading numbers

Enhanced security with voice authentication (reading numbers) and record video
screen capture
face detection

07Customer idenfication via videos

Salient features enabling companies to compare customers' identity calling with registered photos.

V-CIP(Video based Customer Identification Process) supports customers in real-time during online transactions using video call

08Screen capture

Use screenshots to match the user's face to a previously registered portrait, acting as the basis for the businesses to determine customer reliability

09Recorded video call

The system automatically records and saves the video of the transactors exchanging and confirming information directly with the customers, which is a required condition for the transaction approval.
video call

Additional features


Multi language

This application supports multiple languages, allowing banks to communicate with both domestic and foreign customers
background video

Change the background of video call

The teller's image will be displayed on the logo of the respective business or bank
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