Online Shopping Guide

Greetings, VNPT eKYC's customers!

Sincerely thank you for trusting and choosing to order VNPT eKYC products.
Here are the steps to buy eKYC services on our website (link:

Step 1:  

At the interface of the LANDING page VNPT eKYC, go to the Plan section,or go to the
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Step 2: 

Select the plan that suits the needs of the business / individual customers and then click Register / Contact. For plans valued at more than VND 100 million, click Contact for more detailed advice. The system will then re-direct to the Contacts page. Please fill in your personal information here so that customer service can contact you as soon as possible.
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In case the customer presses Register, the system will move you to the Registration/Login screen so that customers can take the steps to download the SDK/API and manage the file more easily.
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Step 3: 

For customers who already have a previous account, fill in your email and password and log in as usual.
For first-time customers who create an account, click Sign up at "Don't have an account yet? Register "to be passed through the Sign up screen. Here, you need to fill in the necessary information fields to fill out including "Name", "Company", "Field", "Email", "Phone number", "Password".
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Step 4: 

After successful Login/Registration, you will be taken to the CheckOut Screen.
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In case you want to invoice, you Enter the necessary information fields including "Name", "Unit Name" (Select Business/Individual), "Tax Code" (Required for Business, not required for Individuals), "Address", "Phone number", "Email". The Phone Number Field is optional.
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Step 5: 

Once you've filled in the necessary information, select Pay. The system will take you to the Choose a payment method screen. Here, you can choose the payment method that best suits your needs. Please fill in the necessary information compared to your Payment option.
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And you have completed the order, VNPT consultants will call to confirm your order.
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Wish you success and satisfaction with the product you have chosen.
Thank you for trusting and choosing products at VNPT.
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